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Good news to patients with knee pain!

On Wednesday, patients who consult our doctor and do bilateral knee (single view) xray will be charged at $60 nett. This offer is only applicable on Wed.

Do not hesitate further, call us today at 63976118 for an appointment to relieve your knee discomfort as early as possible!

jogging foot

A) Knee Arthritis treatment package:

1. Medical Doctor consultation
2. X-ray of both knees
3. 3x hyaluronic acid injections
4. 1x rehab trainer Session
5. 1 bottle of Collagen supplement

Original price=$1335

Special price = $995 nett

B) Knee Arthritis Follow-on treatment package:

1. 3x hyaluronic acid injections
2. 1x rehab trainer Session
3. 1 box of D3+Calcium supplement
4. 1 bottle of Collagen supplement

Original price=$1105

Special price = $888 nett

*Patients who purchase any of the above packages are entitled to 10% discount on all knee braces and supports within 3 months from date of purchase!

*Terms and conditions:
The above packages and services must be completed within 3 months from date of purchase and are non-transferable nor refundable.