Functional Healing

At INLIVEN, we strongly advocate the concept of functional healing – allowing patients to regain their previous levels of mobility more quickly.

We apply this to every aspect of our work and every clinical condition e.g. osteoporosios, knee pain and even the moregeneric ailments so common today.


This treatment concept of ‘Functional Healing’ involves maintaining and supporting the functionality of the limb during recovery of the medical condition. This not only assists in the recovery, but allows patients to regain their previous levels of mobility more quickly. It creates a win-win situation, as maintaining function during recovery further enhances the healing process.


A patient presents with a stress fracture of the tibia bone, caused by severe knee osteoarthritis. An orthodox treatment would be to stop walking on the limb for three months while the fracture heals. Some doctors may suggest immediate knee-replacement surgery. At INLIVEN, however, we approach this particular patient with the advice to not put weight on the knee while simultaneously placing emphasis on maintaining the function of the limb and the mobility of the patient during the three-month period.

With the help of assistive bracing devices to support the injured limb, as well as a customized rehabilitation program to improve and maintain muscular strength in the limb, the patient is able to heal faster and with minimal impact on her day-to-day activities.


In the modern age of fast-food-style medicine, we pride ourselves in taking our time at lNLIVEN. By focusing on important aspects, such as the functional abilities of patients with regard to their injury or condition, we are better able to deliver appropriate and effective care for bones and joints.