Managing Knee Pain


Do you experience knee pain on walking, running or climbing stairs? Do your knees feel weak and give way easily? Perhaps your knee swells up sometimes?

At INLIVEN, we have the expertise and capability to provide you with the necessary X-rays or MRI scans required to diagnose your knee pain. Surgery need not be the first line of treatment. Our doctors will draw up a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan to assist you in improving the function of your knee, as well as reducing the pain.



Rehabilitation exercises will form part of a tailored program developed by our qualified rehab trainer.

ossur knee braceBRACING

Lightweight, easy-to-use braces can apply corrective forces to the leg to take pressure off areas where the arthritis is at its worst.

knee medicationMEDICATION

Primarily used to manage the symptoms of knee OA, especially pain and inflammation.


Managing body weight and losing any surplus weight will help to reduce stress on the knee and ultimately ease the pain.


Hyaluronic acid can provide temporary relief in some cases. Anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medicines may also help to relieve pain.


Using our expertise and knowledge of osteoarthritis (OA) – along with cutting edge technology, medication and therapies – the team at INLIVEN creates and delivers personalized treatment plans for people suffering with knee OA.

We are all different and we all have different aspirations so treatment plans will vary. They usually involve a combination of lifestyle changes, knee bracing and rehabilitation exercises, plus appropriate medication and other forms of pain management as required.

It is widely acknowledged that before considering any form of knee replacement surgery, people with knee OA can usually benefit from exploring non-invasive interventions, especially as part of a personalized treatment plan.


We are here to listen, to answer any questions you may have and above all to help you feel better. Your treatment plan is built around your needs and preferences. As your consultants, we will guide you on your journey, supporting you to reach your goals and improve your quality of life.


Knee OA can create a vicious circle. The pain and loss of movement can cause sufferers to become less active and that often results in weight gain, which in turn can make the arthritis worse.

What are you missing out on because of knee pain? At INLIVEN, we can set out a treatment plan that reflects your lifestyle and allows you to return to the activities you love. Together, we will manage the pain and increase your activity levels, helping to reverse that vicious circle.