Osteoporosis Disease among Older People

Osteoporosis is a hot topic among the older generation as it may lead to bone pains, joint deformities as well as susceptibility to falls and fractures which can consequently result in loss of mobility. Most people, however, lack knowledge on how they can prevent or deal with osteoporosis.

In general, osteoporosis is an illness where the calcium matrix in the bones is reduced, leading to a porous and brittle bone structure prone to fracturing.

Osteoporosis is also called a “silent disease” due to the lack of osteoporosis symptoms as it progresses to more advanced stages. The only visible effect of osteoporosis is perhaps deformation of the spine as well as loss of height in the elderly patient over time. As a result, the elderly often present with a loss of height and a kyphotic spine curving forwards into a stooping posture. They often suffer from severe back pain and loss of mobility due to the impact of the disease.

Prevention of bone loss is the best way to combat the disease. It is recommended that patients follow an exercise and diet protocol which enhances calcium and mineral supplementation as well as stimulates increased bone and muscle tissue mass and density. To clinical measure and quantify the rate of bone loss, a DEXA scan is advised. If the DEXA scans indicate an above average rate of bone loss, then medications as well as lifestyle changes should be instituted with vigour. An in-depth knowledge of osteoporosis will let the patients and their doctors plan a comprehensive approach in combating the bone loss for the benefit of their well-being.

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