Osteoporosis in Men

Osteoporosis is called a “silent disease” because it progresses without symptoms until a fracture occurs. It develops less frequently in men because men generally have larger skeletons. Thus, their bone loss starts progresses more slowly. However, in the past few years the problem of osteoporosis in men has been recognized as an important public health issue, particularly in light of estimates that the number of men above the age of 70 will continue to increase as life expectancy continues to rise.

The cause of osteoporosis in men share the same characteristics as women which include getting older, genetics, hormones, vitamin D deficiency, inactivity and medications. Apart from the cause, men still has lower risk than women because women go through menopause while men simply do not experience it.

Prevention of osteoporosis in men includes eating a bone-healthy diet, controlling their smoking and alcohol drinking consumption, taking enough vitamin D, getting a healthy lifestyle by staying active, and getting screened.

Some of the osteoporosis treatments given to men include various medications such as biosphosphonates and supplements of calcium and vitamin D. Other treatments include the use of testosterone, maintaining an active lifestyle consisting of a mixture of both aerobic and ressistance exercises.

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