Osteoporosis in Women

Women tend to be at a greater risk for osteoporosis than men. Women often present with a lower bone density as compared to men of the same age. This predisposes women to a higher risk for osteoporosis as compared to men. Furthermore, after women reach menopausal age, the decline in oestrogen hormones results in a dramatic reduction in bone calcium.

The risk of Osteoporosis is thought to begin during childhood and adolescence where the body does the most bone building. Both genders continuously increase their bone mass and density up to the average age of 30. Those who do much more exercises as well as take a diet high in minerals tend to have a higher peak bone density. By the age of 30, both genders would have reached a peak in their bone density, subsequent to this there is a natural decline of bone mass towards old age.

It is often recommended that women take a proactive approach towards maintaining their bone density. This starts from young when active sports participation should be encouraged so as to build up a strong base as well as peak bone mass. Subsequently, women should remain active throughout their lives to maintain the bone and muscular strength in their skeletal systems. For patients who already have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, all is not lost; often a combination of medication as well as exercise regime will be able to correct the abnormality in the bone scores.

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