Some Information Related With Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is often viewed as a disease of aging, however, arthritis can occur in patients as young as thirty years old. Osteoarthritis is a degeneration of the cartilage in any joint. The causes for this degeneration are multifactorial, ranging from previous injury, genetic predisposition, obesity, recurrent trauma.

Some people have the impression that cracking their knuckles may lead to osteoarthritis but this remain a misconception because there is no proof that this action causes wear- and -tear on the finger joints. The “pop” heard when the knuckles are cracked comes from a pressure release within the joint fluid and this has never been shown to lead to osteoarthritis.

It is an old folk’s saying that osteoarthritis pains are thought to be affected by weather climates and normally worsened in the cold. Often there may be an element of truth to this strange sensation. The reason lies within the nerves surrounding the joints which may be triggered during the expansion and contraction of the fluid within the knee joints during cold or hot weather.

Osteoarthritis, especially in advanced cases, tends to result in joint deformities. Whilst most were destined to undergo the surgeon’s knife, in recent years there have been a slew of new treatment methods which aim to delay inevitable surgery. Treatment ranges from injection therapies, activity modifications as well as specialized braces which assist to reduce cartilage pressure and preserve joint function. Patients are advised to seek early help for their osteoarthritis so as to attain the best form of treatment.

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