The different joints affected by Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis involves the loss of cartilage in the joint space. This leads to deformity in the joints with symptoms of stiff and painful joints. Symptoms of osteoarthritis involve Pain and swelling in the joints, stiffness in the mornings as well as weakness in the affected limb. Patients may also notice that the limb is becoming deformed and unusually angulated.

Persistent knee pain, in people at age of 45 and above, is one of the most common osteoarthritis symptoms that patients frequently complain about. This form of knee pain is often characterized by the pain when walking or standing for long periods of time. It is often worse in obese individuals whereby the stress on the affected knee joints is greater. The location of the knee pain can vary over the various aspects of the knee and can be due to various tissues such as ligaments, tendons, bone swelling and joint swelling. It is important to see a qualified clinician to diagnose the cause of one’s knee pain as well as to exclude osteoarthritis.

Another common region frequently affected by osteoarthritis are the Hip joints. Hip pain is more common in obese individuals and also as a genetic predisposition. Osteoarthritis hip pain often presents as pain over the buttock region as well as the front of the thigh. It may however radiate to the back. Patient may feel stiffness in the joint and inability to actively move the joint in the full range of motion. The patients also often complain of difficulty climbing stairs and getting up from a sitting position.

The fingers are also another area where osteoarthritis can frequently manifest itself. Pain and swelling over the finger joints especially worse in the mornings is a presenting symptom. Often the finger joints are stiff and deformed with numerous bony protrusions and swellings.

As we can see, osteoarthritis affects a varied range of joints around the body. It is important to ensure a qualified doctor is present to clinically identify and investigate as well as to treat the cause for the joint disorder.

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