Weight Loss Management

weighing machineAt INLIVEN, we understand the issues facing by many overweight patients. The range of patients seen for obesity can range from the young to the old. Some of these patients could have put on weight for a variety of reasons ranging from work stress, lack of exercise,dietary knowledge and motivation, to medical illnesses such as hypothyroidism and other glandular disorders.

The difference between INLIVEN’s weight loss program versus other weight loss programs, is that we that we will do a thorough medical check-up on the patient which will include a doctor’s review and consultation, specific measurements for Weight, height, Body mass index, Body fat and muscle percentage as well as body structure measurements. The patient will also undergo some basic blood tests to pinpoint any potential medical problems before starting on any exercise or dietary regime.

It is commonly misunderstood that the goal of weight-loss is to look like a sexy young model on some advertisement board. However, at INLIVEN, we see this as an incorrect focus. Our aim is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and to ensure that our patients avoid medical illnesses related to obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure .

With our grounding in bone and joint health, and with obesity being one of the main causes for knee arthritis, we are able to tailor the ideal exercise regime for our patients to help them train their muscles but avoiding injury to the joints and cartilage. This a synergistic outcome which we hope to bring to our patients. Loss of weight automatically leads to a reduction in joint and cartilage strain and patients also function better in their daily lives.

Compare Weight management packages:

Diagnostic TestsBasicComprehensive
Interview on medical history with Doctor
Physical examination by Doctor
Clinical Measurements
Blood Pressure
Body Mass Index
Muscle Mass Percentage
Body Fat Percentage
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Blood Tests (Require fasting)
Full Blood Count
Kidney profile
Bone Profile
Liver Profile
Lipid Profile
Thyroid Screen
STD Screen
Urine Tests: (Require fasting)
Urine FEME
Nutritional Education
6 sessions of Customized Exercise Session (40 mins each)

* All prices are exclusive of medication, supplement and meal replacement diet.

Kindly call up our hotline @ 63976118 and speak to our friendly clinic manager who will assist you in choosing the most appropriate weight-loss package to suit your budget and needs.

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